Blanchard Holiday Wine Traditions

By blanchardwines / December 14, 2021

The holiday season is here and we hope you are enjoying time with love ones, celebrating traditions new and old. One of our favorite traditions at Blanchard Family Wines is sharing stories. This year, we asked our team about favorite holiday wine traditions. Everyone celebrates the holidays differently, but we all do it with delicious wine. We hope these stories spark inspiration and joy this holiday season.


Mark Blanchard

Here in California Wine Country, we don’t find ourselves suffering through the same winter snow storms that much of the country does during the season. So instead of bunkering down indoors by the fireplace, we are lucky enough to enjoy outdoor activities around the holidays.  A favorite experience for my family is to head to the coast on Christmas Eve and have a fun beach day. There is nothing like sipping some fine red wine with sand between your toes as you watch the waves crashing in front of you.


Christina Mau

Every year I love to watch my favorite Christmas movies (Christmas Vacation, The Holiday, and Love Actually) and wrap Christmas presents. I usually make a little charcuterie plate and sip on something special. This year I can’t wait to open up our Zinfandel. It’s the perfect balance of fruit and spice and gives me the holiday feels, so it’s the perfect choice for a night when I want to feel warm and festive!


Shanna Blanchard

I used to only buy 1 bottle of bubbles a year and it was to drink while decorating for Christmas. Things have changed a lot since then (since realizing sparkling wine should be enjoyed year round), but I still drink bubbles while decorating for Christmas. This year, I enjoyed our soon to be released in Denver Sparkling Brut, while dancing with James to Christmas Rappin’ Radio.


Erica Flesher

My family has a tradition of making Pierogies at Christmas time but there’s always a huge divide – half our family loves to drown them in maple syrup and the other half loves hot sauce! Spicy or sweet, this year I’ll be bringing home a bottle of Blanchard Rosé for everyone to pair with.


Ethan Stockdale

Every Christmas my grandma comes to visit and makes krumkake. Krumkake is a traditional Norwegian waffle cookie made from flour, butter, eggs, sugar, and cream. As a child I never knew much about my Norwegian heritage, so I was always incredibly grateful to experience this culinary tradition from her homeland. This Christmas, I’m excited to add to the tradition by pairing the krumkake with a bottle or two of Blanchard Chardonnay.


Allison Powell

My Mom and I have always enjoyed cheap boxed wine while decorating the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving, while cooking together on Christmas Eve, and of course while opening our presents. She was diagnosed with diabetes 4 years ago and we thought that this tradition was over, due to the sugar in the wine. Since joining the Blanchard team, we get to continue our celebration because of amazing wines like Blanchard Family Wines that have no added sugar. There is no better time spent together than the days we get to simply have fun, giggle, reminisce, and enjoy our traditions.


What’s your favorite holiday wine tradition? Share with us on social media @blanchardwine